Subject Enrichment

Enrichment of Professional Development is essential for teachers and school leaders who have been teaching and would like to develop their practice in specific areas. The subject enrichment training at ‘The School Mentors’ encourages teachers to reflect on, and take greater responsibility for their teaching as well as become more innovative in their classroom practice.

Subject Enrichment Programs for Senior School in Hyderabad

The subject enrichment programmes will be organized subject wise. It involves content enrichment and giving inputs about the techniques of teaching also to enrich the existing knowledge of the teachers.

Training for Teachers in india

The School Mentors subject enrichment trainingprimarily focus on changing attitudes, relating concepts, empowering trainees and energizing classrooms such that learning is a joyful experience for the learners. The focus of training will be on using the material in the classroom, relating it to textual content. It will also enhance teacher involvement in class and content. It will provide anopportunity for teachers to implement new creative techniques of teaching. The training is a capacity building exercise and hones the talent. The thrust is on building capacity and managing the implementation in classrooms to impact student learning and growth.