Career Counselling

Special Career Counselling program for middle school and college students and parents in Hyderabad and India.

Career Counselling for students in hyderabad

The School Mentors has an unique program that specialises in providing guidance and counselling students and parents for choosing the right career. The program is not a typical short term course or a training but a program that is integrated with the regular academics of the school that aims to support students in assessing their personal characteristics and needs, support students in developing their own career management competences and then connecting them with the different opportunities of profession available in the market andthe corresponding education systems.

career guidance consultancy In India

The program also supportschildren and parents in understanding their situations, to work through issues towards solutions. The program includes classrooms lectures, conferences, activities, assessments, excursions and field trips, internships and many more. The program is customised as per the need of the school, the parent and student as the target audience and their level of aspirations.