Curriculum Development

The School Mentors specialize in curriculum development for preschool,primary school,middle school ,high school for SSC, CBSE, ICSE,ISC, IGCSE,IB, State Boards affiliation Hyderabad India.We renders on site professional support services to schools to help them develop quality school-based curriculum andwe are self equipped in designing school-based curriculum in various Key Learning Areas. We provide on-site professional support services to schools partnering with frontline teachers that cultivate a collaborative lesson planning (CLP) culture and promote educational action research that aims to help teachers make informed decisions in teaching and learning.Our Curriculum development team work closely with various stakeholders in the Curriculum development process.

Curriculum Development in Education Hyderabad

Through our operations in the past years, we have captured valuable experiences and generated knowledge in developing the school-based curriculum in various Key Learning Areas and subjects.The prime aim of the school-based curriculum is to enhance students' learning, particularly in the areas of learning-to-learn skills and open-minded attitudes. When equipped with these skills and attitude, students are better able to face the challenges of an ever-changing society.Our school-based curriculum development includes organization structure, timetabling, assessment systems, and teaching and learning resources.

The School Mentors Curriculum Development team defines three kinds of knowledge: "Knowledge For Practice", "Knowledge In Practice" and "Knowledge Of Practice". Based on this concept of knowledge and the mutual trust between schools and the team of curriculum development, we have developed quality school-based curricula in various Key Learning Areas. We hope that this idea of constructing practical knowledge in schools will continue to grow. The School Mentors curriculum development Section has transcended from being a service provider to becoming a partner of schools. We strongly believe that this partnership will benefit schools in the long run.

school based curriculum development in india

The School Mentors has grown much stronger and we all are members of a learning community emphasizing continuous learning. We have been successful in keeping relationships with schools providing them curriculum development support years after years matching with the need and the competition as each school grows. The team has experienced teachers and principals who share their curriculum development experience and knowledge to make the schools unique and successful.

Aiming at strengthening and sustaining the growth of school-based curricula, The School Mentors -Curriculum Development team will continue to provide schools with regular and flexible professional services, develop school-based curricula in different Key Learning Areas, and implement action research.