New School Set Up

Opening New School in Hyderabad

Worried about how to open a New School ? The School Mentors can guide you set up new school anywhere in Hyderabad and India.As the School consultants will help your dream come true by guiding to open or start a new school (preschool,playschool,kindergarten school or senior secondary school (K 12) .

How to start a new school in India

TSM is the one stop solution that provides guidance in procedures for opening or starting a new school. The School Mentors is a One Stop solution for any Organization, Trust, Society or an Individual who dreams and dares to set up his own school and create its own brand rather than going for a franchisee of any other school brand.

The School Mentors does this in three steps -

Project Analysis and Planning

The School Mentors believes and focuses on a strict and detailed project analysis and planning as this is the most crucial part of any school projects whose future results are predicted in the start of the project and hence determines the success or failure of the project.
The following areas are addressed by The School Mentors
Identification of Land
Detailed study of Competitors and Parent Category
Preparation of the Project Feasibility Report
Preparation of Project Guide

Pre Operations

The School Mentors understands that implementation of any idea plays a very important role. It is often seen that despite having a very strong plan, many times a project becomes unsuccessful due to lack in implementation processes. The School Mentors has a very experienced team in setting up schools successfully .The team is equipped to handle all challenges that comes across or may come in the future in the process of setting up new schools. Pre Operations broadly takes cares of all the areas that need to be established before the school becomes operational.
The following steps are followed by The School Mentors
Fulfill the statutory compliances
Architecture Planning
Establishing the Corporate Identity of the school
Academic Planning
School Launch

Post Operations

The School Mentors believes that its responsibility does not end with only launching of the school . The School Mentors understands the complexities of a new school after its launch and so guides and train the school team in every step to be able to manage the school operations smoothly ultimately making it a sustainable venture contributing to the society by imparting quality education to children .Post Operations broadly takes cares of all the areas that need to be established after the school becomes operational until reaches a standalone operating entity.
The following areas are addressed by The School Mentors
Formulating Policies and Procedures
Setting up different departments